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Problem 1.

I was charged $99 just to verify my account.

I got a link in my email and followed it because of there low prices.

Ended up chaging me to verify just to see the auctions, and I have not bidded.

Problem 2.

I can not use there "win guarantee" feature for what I want to purchase...

I want a tv, laptop computer, ipad2..... BUT

the win guarantee only aplies to items $100MSRP or less.

So if you bid on anything above $100 you will not get a Re-fill of bids.

That means I can only bid on $100(Retail Price) or less items... shoes, Hdmi cables, glasses... JUNK!!!

Heres ther policy

"Win guarantee is setup for beginner customers and only applicable if used on auctions that have a MSRP of under $100.00" and "Bids that are reset by support are reset as "Voucher Bids""


I am guaranteed to win one Nikon camara for around $40-50. Total i would pay is $99 + the end bid, Not CHEAP RIP-OFF!!!!


I am guaranteed to win "$25 Target gift card" for less than $5. They say its worth $40, HOW ????, Total I would be paying $99 plus end bid... So I pay over $100 and I get a $25 gift card Guaranteed, crazzy!!!!!

Problem 3.

No Customer Support

I have contact them about a few questions and also to cancel my order, because I have not used the bids they gave me. But no answer and its been 3-4hrs now.

They claim support 24/7 and they would reply in less than 15min.

NO!!! help what so ever....

Scam website, Do not use... Also looks like they have bots bidding on there own items so buyers dont win, only 1 now and then. You can see them by the fake names they use and the frequency of the time they bid on various items. Trust me a studdied the website for a few hours, just watching bids.

why dont they have a customer service phone number, Since this company is so big and sell lots of items and have tons of name brand items, they must have millions in stock, but cant afford a phone represetitive. WTF??? think about it...... at least they can use a cheap middle east phone agency for customer support.

Cant afford a phone rep, or they dont want to talk to the customer???

keep away, unless your rich and can afford to burn money!

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